Bill K.

It’s not often I give unsolicited recommendations, but in this case I cannot let this experience go by without giving credit where credit is due. I have been dealing with real estate both personally and professionally for the better part of my life. In that time I have dealt with many realtors, so I can speak with experience when I say Genevieve Botelho of Lamacchia Realty is more than just exceptional at what she does. In this fast paced world we now live in, it is difficult to find someone who takes a genuine interest in their work and their clients. Genevieve has now helped me and my family in several real estate transactions. Each and every time she has made the experience seamless and enjoyable, when often it could have been quite the contrary. She was diligent, professional, honest and patient all in one. However, if there is one thing I cannot say enough about is her open chain of communication. She never let a call go by or missed a response to a text within minutes. Her ability to make people feel comfortable and secure in a time that is at time tumultuous is a remarkable trait. If anyone is ever looking to buy or sell their home, please do yourself a favor and call Genevieve. I highly recommend the entire experience.