Steven C.

I’ve read the reviews for Genevieve, and it’s all true! So, let me tell you what happen to me. Genevieve was referred to me by an other agent from Lamacchia. Thank you, Michelle! Genevieve and I started right away. We looked, we looked, and then there was Magic! It was about a month, and then my house came on the market. I love saying that! “My house came on the market!” So here’s where the magic happened. It’s a serious seller's market. I loved the property! “ Genevieve, Offer 15% above asking I said.” “Steve, your awesome….but No!” So she talked me off the ledge! Ha! She talked with the sellers agent…we offered the asking price, and it was accepted! How does that happen in a seller's market! I’m telling anyone who wants to know, Genevieve saved me $30,000 because she knows what she’s doing! Wow! Thank you, Genn!